Google: A Whole New Level Of Laziness

In the past few weeks, Google released a number of new products. These products range between Mobile Applications, Mobile Phones and Consumer Products. The one theme covering all the products is Laziness and here is why.

Google Allo

With Allo chatting application you do not have to chat anymore, the Artificial Intelligence engine integrated in the application will do it for you (Well almost !). When someone sends you a message, you will get balloon suggestions relevant to the conversation and you can respond by one click. To take things to the next level, these balloon suggestions are available right from the push notification area so you can respond without even opening the app. Perfect solution for annoying friends, but do not use it on me I will know !!!

If that is not enough, you can also make a quick google search within the chat window by tagging google “@google” and typing your query. The search results will be available for all participants inside the chat. Google Assistant is also integrated within the app with a dedicated chat window. You can ask anything, play some games, ask for a joke, get the news or schedule future reminders.

If you manage to use this application, please ping me and I will let the automatic assistant answer you. I love socializing with new people.

Google Home

Home is your personal assistant on steroids. It can control your home using your home automation system, it can get answers from Google web searches, it can play music with the built-in speaker, it can integrate with Chromecast… All this is done using far field voice commands. Sit back on the couch, relay and put Google home under your service.

Self Driving Cars

This one is not really new so the only thing I will say about this one is PLEASE BRING IT TO LEBANON ASAP. But knowing Lebanese people they will find a way to mess it up !!!

The list goes on and on Inbox, Pixel, Wifi

As everyone says “Laziness is the mother of IoT” (No one really says this outside this website). Welcome to the future where everything is automated and we live in the matrix.  Ok Google,write the next post for me; just kidding it will never be that good.

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