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Many questions are asked about Google and the privacy concerns regarding it. How Google provides free services at the expense of collecting user data. On a personal level, I don’t have any problem with Google’s way of business. On the contrary I find it amazing how Google is able to customize my web experience to suit my needs. Ads are served based on my interests, Google Now shows me useful information every morning and not to forget how Google Search serves me tailored results. The great thing about Google is that it allows the user to know what data it collects about him. Also, it lets him manage and control this data. Below are some URLS that any Googler should know.


As the name implies this is the Dashboard for all your activities on Google. Using the Dashboard a user can see statistics regarding his activities with Google products. He can also change the settings for almost any Google product. Google Dashboard


Using this link the user can download all his data collected by Google. This includes emails, photos and YouTube videos.Google Takeout


No need to explain it further. Use the following link to check your location history. The data is collected from any Android device connected to your account. Also from Google now iOS application. Google Locations


Want to know your entire web search history. Visit this link and take your time browsing data you forgot you were interested in. PS: Don’t forget to use the incognito mode next time ;). Google History


On the following link you can find detailed information of web, mobile or desktop apps that has access to your Google data. Google Permissions

Custom Email

If you already have an email address and you do no wish ro creatre a Gmail. You can access Google services using your existing email address using the following link. Google Services Without GMAIL

Ads Profile

Ever wondered about your profile for Ad customiztion. With Google Ads preferences you view and edit your profile as it relates to ads. Also you can choose to opt out of interest based ads. Google Ads Preferences


In case Google uses your content in a way that you find illegal or without your permission. You can file a complaint on the following link. Google Legal


If you have a doubt that someone have gained access to your account, this should be the first thing you try. Google Activity


If you stop using your Google account for a long period of time, you can use the following link to edit what will happen to your data on Google. You also make sure that Google doesn’t delete your account after some inactivity period. Google InActivity

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