Free Mosquitto Broker and Paho Client For MQTT

MQTT Network

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol designed with resource constrained devices in mind. It uses a publish-subscribe communication pattern where devices can receive/post data about common topics using a broker. We will go into more details about this protocol and how it works in future posts.

Lazy MQTT Broker

If you are engaged in a project development based on MQTT, or you are just curious about it, you can now benefit from our free broker to make your testing a breathe. We are using a Mosquitto broker, it is  hosted on a Google Compute Engine and it is completely free to use. All you need to do is enter the below settings on your client and you are ready to start testing.

Websocket Port: 10452  Lebanon flag emoji - free download
TCP Port: 1883
Username: lazyengineers
Password: lazyengineers

MQTT Client

To make things even easier, we have developed a Websocket client. The client is based on Paho Javascript library. It is not restricted to our broker, it can be used with any other broker as well. You can access the broker on the following link. The features are grouped into three tables

MQTT Connection

MQTT Connection

Here you need to specify the connection settings used to connect the client to the broker. If you wish to use the Lazy MQTT Broker just click on “Lazy It” and the settings will be filled for you.

MQTT Publish

MQTT Publish

In this section you can fill the details about the message you want to publish. The publish button will not be enabled unless a connection has been established with a server.

MQTT Subscribe

MQTT Subscribe

This section holds the topics you are subscribed to and you can also subscribe to new topics using it. Again the button will not be enable unless a connection has been established with a server.

MQTT Console

MQTT Console

The console holds information about what is going on behind the scene. It will also display any data received from the server to a topic you are subscribed to.

This is just a beta version, there are probably still a lot of bugs and the code base is not optimized. Feel free to use it as you like, but please do not to abuse it. I am hoping to add more features in the near future. Next on my list is adding SSL communication and AES encryption options. In you have some time on your hand and you would like to help in the development you can visit the Hackaday project for more information. Drop us a comment for any feature you would like to be added to the project.

[UPDATE: 3/Oct/2016]

The Lazy MQTT broker now supports SSL encryption. The certificate is installed thanks to Let’s Encrypt initiative.
SSL Websocket Port: 9883
SSL TCP Port: 8883


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