Hackaday Prize 2016

The most anticipated contest in the maker community is back.  What better day than Pi Day to announce the Hackaday Prize 2016.


Last year the contest was a great success with more than 900 projects submitted. During last year’s contest we saw a lot of new features getting introduced to the Hackaday.io community website and we hope that this year won’t be any different.

Last year the topic was to “Build Something that Matters”. This year the contest took a different approach, it is now divided into 5 challenges.

Design Your Concept

Hackaday Prize - Design Your Concept

March 14 – April 25
In this challenge you design your concept with nothing more than describing the idea with some text and illustrations.

Anything Goes

Hackaday Prize - Anything Goes

April 25 – May 30
If you don’t like to be told what to build, this is the challenge for you. Start building your brilliant project over on Hackaday.io, show some progress with 4 project logs and you are ready to win.

Citizen Scientist

Hackaday Prize - Citizen Scientist

May 30 – July 11
Not everyone is capable of coming up with new concepts and ideas. But if you think you have what it takes, you should surely give this challenge a shot.


Hackaday Prize - Automation

July 11 – August 22
Since “Laziness is The Mother of IoT”, this is the perfect challenge for us. Make something that will add more laziness to everyday life.

Assistive Technologies

Hackaday Prize - Assistive tech

August 22 – October 3
You have a big heart and you aim to enhance the lives of fellow humans ? Build something that will help fellow mortals “move better, see better, or live better.”

Ladies and Gentlemen heat-up your soldering irons this is going to be an epic ride. If we have learned anything from last year’s contest, it is that no matter the destination the journey is well worth it. Don’t forget to participate in the Hacker Channel chat where you can get team members or ask for feedback. For more information about the Hackaday Prize 2016 and how to enter make sure to check their official page.

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