SMD Soldering Revisited

In our previous tutorial we showed you how to solder fine pitch SMD components by using only solder flux. Although this method was successful, we felt like the solder joints should be improved for better reliability.

In the following video instead of using solder flux alone, we decided to prepare a mixture of solder flux and solder paste. The mixture used in the video is made of 30% solder flux and 70% solder paste. The solder paste I had was a bad quality and it was almost completely dry when I bought it, that is the reason why I added flux to it. If you have a good quality solder paste you might not need to add any flux but it might still make your job easier if you do.


The results were satisfying. While testing the PCB no solder problems occurred. Now 3 months have passed and the PCB is till working normally. Below you can find some photos of the results and the finished PCB.


All the PCB was soldered with the same technique but not all the packages were shown in the video above. The package details are shown below.


The job might be improved by using a reflow hot air station instead of the soldering iron. Maybe we will give it a try in our next video, stay tuned.



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